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Fusion Optix completes manufacturing upgrade for LED optical components

2011/10/1 15:22:46

The developer and supplier of optical components and system has made a major investment to upgrade its production equipment, in order to meet increasing OEM demand. 
Fusion Optix, a specialist developer of optical components and systems for the LED market, has completed a major upgrade to its in-house capabilities at its headquarters in Woburn, MA. The company is also embarking upon a new hiring program for technical and commercial personnel.
Fusion Optix has expanded several processes to produce new products based upon the company’s CORE™ platform of innovations. The new equipment and clean rooms are fully operational, and Fusion Optix has already begun sampling production-ready products to OEM customers.

The upgrades are focused primarily on the company’s line of Energy Saving Optics, which includes complete ranges of light diffusers, light guides, light shapers and light reflectors.

Terence Yeo, Fusion Optix’s CEO, said he was particularly pleased with the on-going performance of the company. “We take considerable pride from the fact that the installation of new equipment and cleanrooms has been funded entirely by cash flows from operations,” he said.

According to Michael Demas, Director of Operations, the new capabilities at the Woburn facility will result in a significant increase in production capacity and reduction in turnaround times. “The investment also supports our continuing push for tighter tolerances on product performance and quality,” he said.

Yeo said that Fusion Optix has experienced strong and sustained growth recently. “We believe this is due to our industry-leading product performance and strong focus on quality and customer service,” he said. “We hope this investment sends a positive signal that we intend to do whatever we can to keep pushing performance and energy savings. We are already drawing up plans to expand capabilities further in the near future.”