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120led Street Light

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LED street light adopts 1W high power LED as light source. It can be connected to 100-240V AC directly. As a new energy-saving light head, it has features of long life span, high color rendering, energy saving, environment friendly, high brightness, high stability etc. The lamp body adopts Aluminum die-casting technology .The matched reflector cup has vacuum aluminum plated film on its surface which makes less astigmatism, uniform light. According to the road illumination features, we design a high brightness bat wing shape light spot .It makes a long projection distance, high light utilization efficiency. The illuminating surface adopts high quality toughened glass with good light transmission. All parts use stainless steel materials which are dust proof, waterproof and rustproof. The main features of our led street light are super energy saving, easy installation, wide application. It can be used together with solar panel and wind generator, and greatly reduce the installation and maintenance costs. This kind of LED street light is the ideal replacement of traditional street light.


It is widely used in main street, branch road, park, uptown, school and other places.

Technical parameters:

Dimension diagram:

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