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12 LED Second-Generation Square LED Wall Washer(WW4020)

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12 LED Second-Generation Square LED Wall Washer adopts 1W high power LED as light source. It has features , of novel appearance ,low consumption, long lifespan(fifty thousand for average life), resistance impact , High reliability, environment-friendly, soft light, high brightness and so on. This new type of led wall washer made up of two parts, first part is light body and the other one includes power supply and controller box, which makes this wall washer different with other wall washers so that let it have good heat-dissipating function.

Single color:Pure white、warm white、red、green、blue、Viewing angle:30°

RGB color:Viewing angel is 50°,built-in 13 kinds of light effect,also can separately connect DMX console 、DMX controller box to achieve the color change control in whole or segments,such as red、green、blue、jump change 、gradual , flicker etc.totally 14 types. It is with digital display window and control buttons to let the customers adjust stand-alone mode more convenient.


The IP Rank is IP65, suitable for the indoor, outdoor temperature and humidity. Pretty appearance design makes it easy to install, there is a special installation hole to fix and install, It’s widely used for the building indoor and outdoor decoration, as well as stage, meeting room, exhibition hall, ancient architectural complex, cultural plazas and so on.

Technical parameters:

Item NO

WW4020(12LED Single color )

WW4017(12LED RGB)

Rated Voltage


MAX Power /w



Luminous Flux



Viewing Angle

30 °

50 °

Light Source

1W high power single colorLED

1W high power RGB color LED

Length of Standard exposed wire


Connection port


Power supply : 3-pin rubber bare wire 3X 1.0mm 2

Power supply : 3-pin rubber bare wire 3X 1.0mm 2
Signal wire:2-pin Shielding wire ( T-type wire,IP68 Connector)

Net Weight



IP Rank


Dimension diagram:

The connection way:

Illumination distribution curve: