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Slim LED Wall Washer(LZ-WW5004)

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Slim LED Wall Washer is composed of red, green, blue high power LED,it can realise 16,770,000 colors changing, having features of excellent light effects, brilliant colors and ultra thin etc. It is controlled by DMX controller or 4-wire and 3-loop controller. The Second-generation Ultra Thin Wall Washer add waterproof aluminum cover and glue tape to offer a better water-resistant protection. With the added waterproof pad, which includes aluminum material, it is nice for the aspect and more reliable for waterproof function. After testing, the IP rank of the new wall washer can reach Ip67.


LED is cold light source. Color range is wide. Our wall washer adopts LED as light source, can be widely used for all kinds of wall lighting decoration. As well as in stage, meeting room, ancient building crowd, and civilization plaza etc.

Technical parameters:

Par No WW5010 WW5006 WW5008 WW5004 WW5002
Length 1m
Light High Power LED
Light Source R12,G12,B12 R8,G8,B8 Single color 36PCS
(is optional)
Single color 24PCS
(is optional)
24pcs 3in1 LED
Input Voltage DC24V
Max Power 44W 30W 44W 30W 88W
LED Current 350mA
View Angle 50° 50° 50° 50° 66°
Control Way Simple DMX controller、4-wire and 3-loop controller
IP Rank IP65

Dimension diagram:

The connection way:

Spectro photo colorimeter test report:

Illumination distribution curve:

Packing diagram: