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Type A panel Light(LZ-PA1A03)

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LED panel light is a kind of top grade indoor lighting, the edge frame is made of 6063 aluminum by anodic oxidation, we use SMD 3535 as the light source. The led light becomes an equal plane lighting effect after permeating the light guide plate with high transmission rate. The unique design of the led panel light makes the entire lamp get even illumination, soft comfortable and bright light. It can ease eyestrain effectively. Considering from green light design, it has smooth outside appearance and low power consumption, and the material is environment friendly. It does better than the grille lamp light on lighting efficiency and brightness. It is going to replace the grille light with source of T8 led fluorescent tubes. The life span of led panel lamp is 10 times of tube lights, but the power consumption is only a half.


The led panel light is mainly used for meeting room, negotiation room, hotels .etc. and other indoor use lighting places.

Technical parameters:

Part Number PA1A01 PA1A02 PA1A03 PA1A04
Projection Distance 5m
Light Source SMD3535 LED
LED Quantity 60pcs 150pcs 180pcs 150pcs
Input Voltage Input:AC100-240V
LED Color Pure white/Warm white/Cold white
Viewing Angle 150°
External size 300*300*25.6mm 300*600*25.6mm 300*900*25.6mm 600*600*25.6mm
Weight 1.8kg 3.2kg 4.5kg 5.8kg
Material of the shell Aluminum+optical light guide plate
Environment temperature -25℃~+45℃
IP Rating IP50
CCT 5700k~6300k
Output Power 18.7w 42w 49w 42w
Luminous 1071.1 lm 2434.8 lm 2662.5 lm 2320 lm
Lighting Efficiency 57.3 lm/w 58.1 lm/w 54.4 lm/w 55.2 lm/w

Dimension diagram:

Spectro photo colorimeter test report:

Packing diagram: