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DMX512 Controller box(LZ-CT1001)

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DMX512 Control Box , which output signal matchs standard DMX512 accords (RS485), is℃ontroller for our wallwasher series products , and it also can be applied to the same type products to get the colorful lighting effect. The DMX512 control box integrates a wide range of lighti­ng patterns, with liquid crystal display , it is easy for operation and application .


It is applied to any LED light products which employs DMX512 agreement as communication standard.

Technical parameters:

Part No. Power Voltage signal format Working temperature IP rank
IL-CTRL-DMX-220 2.5W AC100V~AC240V DMX512(RS485) -20℃~+45℃ IP65

Dimension diagram:

The connection way:

Packing diagram: